Silent Harmony Signature Massage

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In these most unique sessions, therapeutic and relaxation massage techniques are blended with various energetic/healing modalities, which can include Reiki, crystal energy, Polarity, stillness, aromatherapy, and sound therapy, as well as hydrotherapy, dynamic body wrapping, and reflexology, to bring you the ultimate in mind/body/soul rejuvenation.  No two sessions are ever alike.  Session times vary.  Please allow 90 to 120 minutes.  Sessions will begin with a detailed intake where we will discuss your current needs and status and formulate your unique treatment plan, with the underlying goal to bring your body and mind into a parasympathetic state of awareness, invoking your natural relaxation response and allowing your body to re balance and tap-in to your own powerful healing abilities.  These are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating sessions.  Actual "table time" is typically  60 - 90 minutes.

Sessions times vary / $120.00

crystals, healing, reflexology
healing hands, polarity, sound therapy