Our Massage and Reiki Offerings

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, relaxation massage


The  best known type of bodywork performed, appropriate  for  most everyone   and especially suited for anyone who is over worked,  over  stressed,   tense and seeking relaxation, comfort, and balance.     

The  therapist lubricates the skin with massage oil or lotion to perform   various strokes including long smooth strokes, kneading, and lifting,  as  well as tapotement, vibration, and active and passive range of   motion  of the joints.  


60-minute session / $55
90-minute session / $75

Neuromuscular/Connective Tissue Therapy

Deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, soft tissue injury treatment, connective tissue massage

Deep tissue massage:   A problem-focused treatment sessions that targets specific  acute/chronic issues, such as repetitive stress injuries, headaches, low  back pain, strains/sprains, neck pain, and more.  

These are very interactive session in which the client actively  participates by providing feedback as the therapist asks questions and  explores the tissues in order to identify the muscles involved and then  address problem areas in a way that is relaxing and efficient.

 Modalities can include myofascial release, neuromuscular and  connective tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, hydrotherapy, and  more.  Lubricant used is typically little to none.  The pace of the  strokes is generally quite slow and deliberate.  

30-minute session/$45
60-minute session/$70 



Whole Body Treatment through Hand & Foot Pressure Points:   

Reflexology is a technique that can relieve  pain and stress in the body by applying pressure with the thumb and  fingers on specific parts of the feet, hands, and ears, which are  thought to be related to different parts of the body and organs, in  essence connecting directly to the body's nervous system.

Sessions can be done seated or lying and  the client can remain clothed.   This complementary practice can quickly shift the nervous system into a  deep state of relaxation, reducing tension and stress, improving  circulation, maintain optimal health, and restore balance and a sense of  well-being.

60-minute foot reflexology/$50
60-minute hand reflexology/$50
90-minute hand & foot combined/$70

Silent Harmony Signature Massage


 In  these most unique sessions, therapeutic and relaxation massage  techniques are blended with various energetic/healing modalities, which  can include Reiki, crystal energy, stillness, aromatherapy,  and sound therapy, as well as hydrotherapy and  reflexology, to bring you the ultimate in mind/body/soul rejuvenation.  Session times vary.  Please allow 90  to 120 minutes.  

Sessions will begin with a detailed intake where we  will discuss your current needs and status and formulate your unique  treatment plan, with the underlying goal to bring your body and mind  into a parasympathetic state of awareness, invoking your natural  relaxation response and allowing your body to re balance and tap-in to  your own powerful healing abilities.  

These are deeply relaxing and  rejuvenating sessions.  Actual "table time" is typically  60 - 90  minutes.

Sessions times vary / $120.00 

Chair Massage



Rejuvenate in as little as 10 minutes! 

For  chair massage, you are seated in a special chair with your face resting  in a cradle, looking down towards the floor, with support for your  arms. 

The specially designed chair allows your body to completely relax  while your therapist focuses on your neck back, shoulders, legs, and  feet. 

With no need to undress, the massage therapist relieves tension in  the muscles with kneading and acupressure. Contrary to what some think,  chair massage is not simply a shoulder rub; therapists use specialized  techniques to provide a therapeutic and relaxing experience.

Chair massage can also be scheduled at your location.  Click the button below to learn more.

Reiki - In person sessions & distant healing sessions

Reiki, energy healing, distant healing

 Reiki is a Japanese technique of healing and balancing for our  entire being that can allows you to maintain feelings of health,  inspiration, and well-being.  

 Distant Reiki works the same as an in-person sessions except the  person receiving Reiki is not in the same room. It is a perfect option  for people who cannot attend an in-person.  

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If you are interested in taking Reiki classes and becoming a certified Reiki practitioner, click here.