temporary COVID-19 closure

To My Valued Clients,

After considering the most current  COVID-19 statistics and consulting with local healthcare professionals,  along with all the other closures and professional association  guidelines, I’ve come to the difficult decision to suspend all client  appointments through March 31st.  

I am so thankful for your patience and understanding and look forward  to when we can all get back to normal life. While it is my plan to  reopen on April 1st, the date will be fluid based on the guidelines set  forth by our local, state, and federal officials, as well as those of  the CDC.   

For everyone on the monthly membership: THANK YOU for  continuing your membership. You are the sustaining force for my  practice. Because of you, I'm hopeful that when the bans lift, I'll have  a business to go back to. If you have not received your March massage  yet, don't worry. It rolls over to future months. However, I also  understand that this is a hard time for all of us, and so any members  who wish to pause their accounts or receive a refund for unused credits,  please contact me by phone, email, or text, and I will process your  request right away.

I am also available to speak with you on the  phone during this time should you have any issues or questions that I  can help you with. My thoughts are with you and your families as we all  support and care for each other.

On the up side, during this time, I am offering  distant Reiki sessions at no charge.  Click here to learn more and request your free session.